Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Review: The Art Instinct

I have been a fan of the website Arts & Letter Daily for almost 9 years—I can't start the day without a look at it. A&LD is run by Denis Dutton, a professor of the philosophy of art, and he has recently published the book The Art Instinct. 
And this weekend the New York Times published a review:
[Dutton's] considered view (though he sometimes strays into more ambitious explorations) is that Darwinian aesthetics sheds light on literature, music and painting not by demonstrating them to be evolutionary adaptations, but by showing how their existence and character are connected to prehistoric preferences, interests and capacities.

I'm so intrigued! Yet another book to add to my wish list....

And don't forget to check out Arts & Letters Daily.


  1. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the book as much as the site. There is more here:

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  2. "The Art Instinct" delves into the evolutionary origins of human creativity, offering a compelling exploration of the innate drive to create art. Drawing on scientific research and cultural anthropology, Denis Dutton presents a thought-provoking argument that artistic expression is a universal human trait shaped by evolutionary forces. Through engaging prose and insightful analysis, Dutton challenges conventional notions of art and provides a fascinating perspective on its significance in human society. Whether you're a scholar, artist, or enthusiast, this book offers profound insights into the nature of creativity and its enduring role in shaping human culture.
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