Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Creative Quarterly Special Subscription Offer

You’ve entered our shows, seen our magazine on the newsstand or received a complimentary copy—we’d like to suggest a more permanent arrangement.

While other magazines rely on advertising to pay the bills we rely on subscriptions. So we invite you to join us in supporting art and design by becoming a subscriber. We keep entry fees low, you get the best of art and design, quarterly.

Choose either a print or our new digital subscription. A digital subscription is perfect for those on a budget or for those who live outside North America.

Subscribe before November 29th and we’ll send you a free digital copy of our current issue with profiles of Hannah Maybank, fine artist, Dutch design firm Studio Boot, German photographer Martin Klimas and Dutch illustrator Zeloot.

A subscription could be a perfect holiday gift for you or someone you know.

Subscribe now.

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