Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fonts on the Web

One site I like to peek at now and then is Typophile: 99% of the time the comments are informative and polite. So there had been several discussions about @font-face, which ostensibly allows browsers to read any font. Replace that old Georgia with Museo! However, it is a sticky subject, full of industry-jargon that is way beyond me. As a designer I want to use more fonts, but foundries are understandably worried about font piracy.
Fortunately, there’s a nice summary of the situation as it stands now, that is relatively light on the jargon posted by the good people of I Love Typography. It seems as if the big questions haven’t been answered yet but Typekit seems poised to take the lead as one part of the solution.
And hopefully the new changes will be a boon to type designers, who will have to design typefaces specifically for the web.

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