Friday, July 17, 2009

Visiting (not living in) a Glass House

Yesterday Charles and I finally had the opportunity to visit Philip Johnson’s Glass House now part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In case you haven't heard of the Glass House it is one of the iconic mid-century modern houses in the country. Johnson actually lived in the house (although not full-time) and continued to build other structures and extensively landscape the vast property. I had seen photographs of the place before (there are multiple books on the House), but was not quite prepared by the wonderful play between the buildings and the landscape. Even if you're not sold on modernist architecture, don't worry as Johnson moved on to various styles and those are reflected on his property.
If you're in the New England area, I encourage you to take the trek out to New Canaan, CT and take this tour.
And if you do take the tour, you just might have the opportunity to meet Tricia White. Not only was she gracious, knowledgeable and in possession of a charming British accent, but she also is a talented artist. Her work is currently on show at hpgrp Gallery in New York.
And on somewhat related news, noted photographer of modernist homes, Julius Shulman has died. Although Schulman was known for photographing homes in California, he too made it out to Johnson's Glass House and some of his work can be found on their website.

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